A California story

This morning I woke up to a dense fog advisory, while my children down in the beach cities woke up to a tsunami warning. The same National Weather Service social media accounts posted both notifications.

This is life in a California. All we need now is a forest fire, an…

Accusations of “cancel culture” built on manufactured facts end up manufacturing facts of their own

Don’t ever fall for “cancel culture” caterwauling. Ever. Don’t fall for it from Michael Wolff, or Joyce Carol Oates, or David Rieff, or anyone else who has been peddling Wolff’s “scoop” that a junior staffer at Random House quashed a planned volume of Norman Mailer essays because they didn’t like…

The Warner Bros. franchise shows its age—and ours

Yesterday we watched The Matrix: Resurrections (2021), the most recent film in Warner Bros. multi-film franchise written and directed by the Wachowski sisters. Starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss as two humans “unplugged’ at different times from a “matrix” of mechanized placental pods that keep people alive in a state…

NBC’s newest “ship of fools” series should embrace its premise and leave the plot behind

I finally got around to watching the pilot for NBC’s La Brea, a disaster/sci-fi melodrama mashup offering a twist on typical Angelenos-meet-with-disaster flicks. Instead of The Big One we get The Big Zero, when a massive sinkhole opens up directly beneath the truly-spooky-in-real-life La Brea tar pits, swallowing up buildings…

Getting a handle on the problem of too much material

Sometimes I can’t quite make it to the blank page because I feel that I don’t have enough to say. Other times, though, I have the opposite problem: I have too much to talk about, and I don’t know where to begin.

This is particularly true when I’m doing research-based…

L.D. Burnett

Available to interview w/ print/radio/TV/podcasts re: my fight for First Amendment rights of public college professors. Contact media@thefire.org for scheduling

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