Getting a handle on the problem of too much material

A deconstructed outline ready for re-ordering. Photo by me.

European countries ravaged by Covid are not here for anti-vax nonsense

Photo by Calvin Craig on Unsplash

America is battling the ideological heirs of petulant treasonous slavers

Photo by Max Saeling on Unsplash. Fatnecked feral hogs of nullification are running roughshod over our rights.

In Memoriam

Unicorn Peak (L) and Cathedral Peak rise above the treeline in Tuolumne Meadows. Photo by L.D. Burnett

Warning: spoilers abound in this post

Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

The grotesque late-stage capitalist endorphin rush of literally THROWING things away

The best $200 I have spent in a while. Photo by L.D. Burnett, ©2021.

The shipwrecked would-be Conquistador, lost for eight years, returned to Spain with a tale to tell

Photo by Cristina Wolf on Unsplash

What is “Western Civilization”?

How the New Cambridge Modern History Buried the Americas

Photo by Alan Hurt Jr. on Unsplash

What Is “Western Civilization”?

The 16th century is a good time to start caring less about the physical body

Photo by Ahmed Adly on Unsplash

What Is “Western Civilization”?

Un ensayo muy breve sobre una idea muy importante

Photo by Angel Luciano on Unsplash

L.D. Burnett

Writer, historian of American thought & culture. Editor of, a little magazine publishing new & established authors. Book under contract.

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