Pressure Cooker Recipe: Zero-Fuss Split Pea Soup

Easy, quick, cheap, and delicious, like…Well, anyhow, it’s really good

L.D. Burnett
5 min readMar 5, 2022


Behold my zero-fuss split pea soup. Photo by L.D. Burnett.

I made this soup tonight for three reasons:

1) Today was a wild windy day in northern California, with a crisp blue sky and a stiff north breeze. Not wintry cold, but still too cold. (Hello, March!) It made me hanker for something homey and warm.

2) I have a Costco-sized quantity of the holy trinity of aromatic vegetables — onions, carrots, and celery, to make what the French call “mirepoix” — and I need to be cooking with them on the regular or they will just wilt in my fridge.

3) I am lazy AF.

How lazy am I? In any dish that would use chicken broth (or vegetable broth; either is fine in this case), I just do the old “one bullion cube to a cup of water” trick. I mean, I know people who make their own broth. I too have made my own broth. It’s delicious, and one feels the satisfaction of both making something necessary and making sure nothing goes to waste.

But, honestly, who has the time? Also, I don’t have room in my pantry or my fridge for canned broth or boxed broth. One little jar of bullion cubes takes up a lot less space and you can use it in all kinds of savory dishes. I am talking about the dry little square cubes wrapped in shiny colored foil — Wyler’s or the generic store brand; it truly does not matter. Get you a jar and save some space.

Anyway, this is an easy recipe, the ingredients are as basic as I am, and you will get six or seven hearty bowls of soup out of this.

Disclaimer: I am not a food blogger. I am not a lifestyle blogger. I don’t even have a lifestyle. But this soup turned out really good, so I figured I’d share. If you have any tips, please feel free to offer them in the comments.

Prep time is about five minutes, then five minutes to sautee the vegetables, about 15 minutes for the pot to come up to pressure, 15 minutes to cook, and about 10 minutes to thicken as it cools. So, ‘fridge to table, you’re looking at 55 minutes for delicious split pea soup.

I use a 6 quart Instant Pot Duo Plus, but this recipe should work for any of these newfangled pressure cookers. (I am not a…



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